Features RV Owners Should Look For In A Foldable Electric Bike

A foldable electric bike is an excellent addition to any RV outfit, for such a bike lets you easily explore places that an RV can't go. When choosing a foldable electric bike to store on your RV, however, there are a few features to look for in order to make sure you get the full maximum usage from the bike.

The Range on a Single Electric Charge

You'll need to know what the range on a single electric charge is so you can determine whether a bike meets your needs and so you know how much farther you can go when biking. What sort of range you should look for depends on how you plan to use the bike.

If you only need a bike to get around campgrounds more easily, a short-range bike is fine. Most campgrounds have restroom facilities, playgrounds, and other attractions only a short distance away, so you can bike to these and go back to your campsite without using up too much battery power. You'll be able to recharge the bike at your campsite if the site has an electric hookup.

Some RV owners use bikes to explore cities where driving an RV on side streets is challenging. They drive the RV into town via a highway and find an easy place to park. Then, they get on bikes to go to local attractions. In this situation, a medium-range foldable electric bike is good because it'll let you spend a day exploring before you go back to your RV and have a chance to recharge. Most bikeable cities don't actually cover too large an area, so midday recharges usually aren't necessary. If you do need to recharge, you can likely find an outlet to use somewhere.

If you want to use your foldable electric bike to explore off-road paths and go camping on remote trails, you'll want a bike that has a long-range. The bike will need to be able to go as far as you want to explore and back to your RV on a single charge.

Size of the Bike When Folded

You should also find out the size of the foldable electric bike when it's folded up. You'll want to make sure that the bike will fit somewhere inside of your RV when you fold the bike up.

Even if you plan on usually keeping the bike on a rack at the back of your RV, there may be times when you want the bike in your RV for security reasons. Therefore, the bike has to be able to fit somewhere in the vehicle.