Safety Tips For Your Next Vape Mod

Whether you prefer nicotine, CBD oil, or just great flavor, vaporizers (or vapes) are a smoke-free way to enjoy the mood-altering substance of your choice. While some vape enthusiasts start with an off-the-shelf model, over time, many perform their own vape modifications so that they can achieve the experience they're looking for. Unfortunately, vape mods that are performed incorrectly can pose dangers to the vape's next user, including an increased risk of battery explosion. Read on for some tips and tricks to ensure the safety of your next vape mod

What Risks Does Vape Modification Pose?

Off-the-shelf vapes contain safety-tested features like vent holes and automatic shutoff. This prevents the vape's battery from overheating, which can increase the risk of leakage or explosion. But if your vape mod involves disabling or removing one or more safety features without compensating for these changes in other ways, you could literally be playing with fire. It's important to fully survey the safety features your original vape offers and determine how your prospective modification will alter these features. 

Because many vape mods involve increasing the maximum voltage that travels through the vape, it's also important to make sure that the battery and electrical wiring are equipped to handle this increased voltage. Otherwise, you may end up with a short—or even worse, a vape that occasionally shocks its user. 

Safety Tips For Your Vape Mod

In addition to doing some in-depth research on the practical impact of the vape mod you're seeking, adhering to the following safety tips can reduce the risk of harming your vape or yourself by changing its factory settings.

1. Don't leave your vape in your car or in direct sunlight, as prolonged exposure to hot and cold temperatures can cause the battery to leak. Investing in a storage container can protect your vape from extreme temperatures while also keeping dirt and debris from accumulating in the mouthpiece. 

2. Regardless of whether you're altering your vape's charging capabilities, make sure it's always charged on a flat, visible surface. Keeping your vape in a car console or somewhere else where it can be bumped or jostled can increase the risk of overheating. 

3. When you're changing your vape's batteries, always change all batteries at once. Don't try to get a bit more life out of your vape by only replacing one battery; mismatched or mixed batteries can reduce battery life and increase the risk of explosion. 

4. If you remove or disable any safety features, you'll need to create equivalent safety features on the final product. Maintaining adequate ventilation to protect against overheating is key. 

By sticking to these guidelines, you should be able to modify your vape without running into safety issues or complications.